Anastasia Mavridou
Computer Scientist

Robust Software Engineering group
NASA Ames Research Center
Stinger Ghaffarian Technologies

e-mail: firstname dot lastname at nasa.gov

Short Bio

I am a computer scientist in the Robust Software Engineering group at the NASA Ames Research Center, employed by Stinger Ghaffarian Technologies. My research interests lie in the area of component-based design, modeling and analysis of concurrent systems with a focus on correct-by-construction techniques.

Previously, I worked as a postdoc with Prof. Janos Sztipanovits at the Institute for Software Integrated Systems, Vanderbilt University, USA. I received my PhD in December 2016 from École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland. I was fortunate to be supervised by Prof. Joseph Sifakis and Dr. Simon Bliudze. Here is my PhD thesis.

Current Events


Last updated: November 2018